Photo + video mentoring

One on one mentoring was the biggest game changer for me as a photographer and videographer.  Let's talk about photography or videography and how to run a business! I can't wait to help you and meet you.

"Reggie Ann is a class act. I was constantly learning throughout the whole day. She is so knowledgeable and one of the best in her field. I loved how she went over posing and prompts first, but then we were able to immediately use that new information and apply it with a stylized shoot. Reggie Ann is so talented and i think everyone, from serious videographers to beginners, would benefit from her workshops. Thank you for a fun day and helping me find my artistic voice!"



one on one mentor session: $300

We will sit down together in person or via Skype and talk about either photography or videography.  We will go over everything from using your camera, to shooting, to editing.  We will also discuss business and marketing.  The time will be yours to answer any questions you may have! Session time is 1 hour. Add on an extra half hour for $75.


shoot + edit mentor session: $525

Let's go out and shoot! I will organize a shoot for us that matches to your particular style and we will go over posing/directing, lighting, and how to capture those genuine moments. The session will be followed by sitting down and editing the session together. This session will be 2.5 hours. 


THE REAL DEAL mentor session: $800

This session will combine the other two into one! We will begin with shooting a styled shoot and then sitting down to talk about editing, marketing, and more! This session typically lasts up to 4 hours. 

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