Madilyn Paige | Studio Shoot with Roolee + Karch Co.

I had all sorts of fun with this shoot. I was so lucky to have the sweetest and most talented, Madilyn Paige, be my model. If you don't know who she is, you're missing out. Go check out all of her social media and Youtube channel to hear her music.  She's INCREDIBLE. We've been in touch for awhile now and it was so fun to finally meet her and get to work with her. I had several ideas in my brain that came together for this shoot and I'm so grateful that she was such a good sport in helping me create my vision.

My husband and I recently started our own company (Karch Co.) and are selling computer glasses. Half way through this post you'll see Madilyn sporting two of our styles. Go check us out and save yourself from headaches and eye irritation from device usage by purchasing some computer glasses.  They are a life saver.

Also, special thanks to Roolee Boutique for providing the dress! I will forever be in love with their store and my wallet will always hate me for it. Go check them out and snag their clothes.  They are to die for.

Reggie Ann Geertsen