Kelsey + Mitch | First Look & Wedding Highlight


Kelsey + Mitch

I met Kelsey in December of 2016.  We both signed up to teach english in Thailand and I was so lucky to meet her through that! We lived together for 4 months and made so many incredible memories.  I'm so happy she was part of one of the greatest times of my life.  She's such a fun and hilarious person and I just adore her.

Kelsey and Mitch are a match made in heaven.  They both know how to have a good time and are such lovable people.  I was so excited to film her first look and I'm pretty sure Mitch's reaction was the most perfect ever.  We shot at Antelope Island at the most beautiful time of day.  I was LOVING all of the yummy light.

Their wedding day was so special.  I always love seeing the families come together and seeing them so happy! It was a gorgeous day with gorgeous people.  I was loving all the blossoms at the temple! Spring weddings for the win.

The reception was a dream, full of tons of greenery and Kneaders desserts! They had a live pianist who was incredible (I LIVE FOR LIVE MUSIC). My favorite part was the dancing.  I told you they know how to have fun and they do! They danced it out with their bridal party and it was a freaking party. I also live for dance parties at weddings.  It is so fun to capture on video!

I love these cuties and I'm so happy for them! Enjoy their wedding highlight!

Reggie Ann Geertsen