Karli + Alex | Logan Temple Wedding

Both Karli and Alex are a few years younger than me and attended the same high school I did. Because of this, it has been so fun to watch their story unfold. Karli waited for Alex while he served a two year mission for the Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I also waited for my husband and we were married after Alex left on his mission. Karli confided in me a lot and we talked every now and then about our experiences and for the one day wedding. When Alex came home and they shortly after got engaged, I was so excited and happy for them. Being part of their special day was such a treat. They had a big dinner with all of their closest family and friends and it was so sweet. The speeches and everything shared had me in literal tears. I just love these two and their loving families. HAPPY MARRIAGE YOU CUTIES.

Reggie Ann Geertsen